Antminer 3

Setting up your Bitmain account. How to place an order. Purchase Parts for miners. Antminer D3 GH/s X11 ASIC Dash Miner: Computers & Accessories

How to reboot miners. How to restore Factory Settings. How to upgrade the firmware.

antminer 3

Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The machine is perfectly working for mining. It makes a lot of sound. It works as intended to be used for. Only issue is to purchase power-supply and cable separately. There was not much explanation and had to find out username and password online. While running I saw that it has to have a dedicated antminer купить алиэкспресс if you are running antminer alone miner.

The #1 Best Litecoin Mining Hardware - Antminer L3 / L3+ Scrypt Miner Review

Most of the reviews are posted on on 11 Aug No other reviews by these accounts. So its a scam. These fake reviews will kill the Amazon and amazon should do something about these fake reviewers. Was this review helpful to you? This is the next generation is x11 dash mining. That one star review is comparing antminer different crypto coin algorithms.

Dash coin uses X encryption algorithm they are completely different therefore the mining speeds antminer different. Did not perform as expected had technical problems had to return unit. This is a scam. See all 23 reviews. Price and availability are likely to be the best determinants.

Antminer D3 – Bitmain

Hi Anil, Litecoin and Bitcoins are using different algorithms, although theoretically, you could mine Bitcoins with Antminer L3 but it involves coding and it will not be efficient and profitable. You need a different specialized hardware for Bitcoin mining, you can find an article about this here: The only way you will make money from these is if you get them at the retail price from Bitmain as soon as they are available. You could make more mowing lawns or collecting cansbut thanks to those people who devote their time to it. Last updated on January antminer, at Just look at here https: By the time the thing arrives, difficulty may be through the roof and you rx 580 armor 8g oc struggle to break even.

Bitmain does indeed use the devices themselves while the profit potential is antminer high. I also dislike the fact that Bitmain are now asking for Bcash for their products; artificially propping up the value of their forkcoin which they likely mine with ASICboost…. That could be right… ordering miners is always something of a gamble on a variety of factors, like delivery time and the future hashrate. There is no point in Antminer as a company. I have looked at their products many times. You will never make much without building your own rig. Great business model but really just a scam on less tech savvy miners!!!!

I antminer been looking at antminer my own rig. Jeremy, any suggestions for starting points? Was this review helpful to you? They arrived in excellent condition. Antminer happy with the purchase.

Antminer U3 Bitcoin SHA Mining USB Overview - Reviews & Features |

Before you buy it, you must have a power supply with at least TWO pci-e connectors. DO NOT antminer any adapters to power it or you could melt the wire and cause a fire happened to me. This miner is not very loud, but it will heat up a room, so I recommend keeping it in a garage or spare bedroom. Overall, totally worth the money. Pros Antminer product is stable.

antminer 3

Easily set up, with just a little bit of help. Mine antminer without the factory config being reset so I had to contact seller because I did not antminer the ip assigned. A quick email to the seller, and a quick response and I was able to do the reset. I have overcocked it to Ghs, but my antminer stats do not show improvement over the Ghs standard. It is pulling about W according to my Kilowatt. Hopew to buy another one from this seller. Amazing piece antminer tech. Running for three weeks straight without issue. Only slightly warm to the touch. Fans do a great job of cooling. Seriously considering another purchase as Gen 8 comes on line in September.

At this price i am buying them for extra parts its cheaper than buying new parts for my hundreds of s5 and s 7 some people are underclocking these. However the energy usage is quite a bit higher than the S5 underclocked.

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