Antminer a5 dashmaster

The Innosilicon A5 DashMaster is claimed to be capable of delivering up to What is really important here is antminer the price will be as Bitmain did manage to offer a really sweet deal price wise for their 15 GHS X11 miner, no word on pricing for the A5 DashMaster yet though. Innosilicon A5 DashMaster should start dashmaster in early September according to the information on the website, so you can expect that around September time the difficulty of DASH will be already sky high.

Of какую криптовалюту можно майнить antminer they are not with the performance of the latest announcements from Dashmaster and Innosilicon, but could still be interesting products. It seems that the miner is capable of achieving about 38 GHS when overclocked with a power usage of antminer W. The company is taking pre-orders with the shipping expected to start on September 20th and the miners will come with 6 months of warranty.

antminer a5 dashmaster

On one page they said shipping on September 20th, another page — September 30th. I contacted their sales email and Antminer have not received no email. Can someone update me with price and how can I buy? Contacted them yesterday dashmaster well to ask the same as you, but received no response either.

Speaks for a basically non existent customer support.

antminer a5 dashmaster

Got a response from their English support now, but guess what no reply to my question on the price and beware: Has anyony experience with them? Thank you for replying.

antminer a5 dashmaster

Antminer have received the details in my email. Thank you so much your fast support. I will now pre order. Here the prices, Innosilicon provided by now on their English website: Quite expensive, even considering the hashrate advantage over the Bitmain D3. I dashmaster my reply from english support dashmaster. They told me 3 was MOQ, and price would be coming out shortly. Something other than like ebay for antminer

Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster, DASH Miner, +PSU – Delta-Miners

At a conservative 25GH and a 1. Sounds a bit fishy tbh. Our company put an order of 10 units for free 1x unit. A5 DashMaster vs Antminer D3 self.

INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster + PSU - CoinMiner

Dont know if I would trust mining manufacturers. They have sketchy antminer at best of delivering ontime and stated performance. Regardless of how you may feel about them, Bitmain has the best track record of any miner manufacturer by a mile and has antminer they can release new products on time and dashmaster spec. Antminer бу those that may not know, when they do actually ship these out after making the ton of money, they will switch their farms on and start mining.

You will see the difficulty rise more than 10x drastically before you even get your first batch. This history has happened every dashmaster a new "very-high jump" occurs. Take a look at release dates for miners and ship dates, along with difficulty for popular coins in that algorithm. I think value for money the D3 is better because you get double the hash lower with the D3s by spending the same amount for one A5.

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