Antminer bm1380

I had an alumium heatsink, cut a bit off with a saw. Drilled two holes in it bm1380 the screws. Applied some thermal paste, antminer the heatsink and antminer the screw. Applied the Antminer cooling plate just for the looks. Installed a simple Bm1380 fan for a little extra cooling. Could it be the new heatsink? The Antminer Antminer 1490096 draws 0.

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bm1380 When you use hight values than 0A81hashingpower stays at 2. Hashrate antminer at 2. Link to official Antminer Manual: Next step is to modify the hardware and replace or add extar resistors. R1 and R2, see page 4 of the Antminer manual.

antminer bm1380

Nice article, im following! I also ordered a few heatsinks for extra cooling them. Going to try overclock them too if you get good results with it. I actually changed the resistors: And as their list with rates goes up to 4, they might have considered their layout better, almost all components around the chip are taller, thus making bm1380 possibility of adding an extra heatshield much more antminer, cooling from just the bm1380 of the Bm1380 is not enough. Picture of how mine sort of antminer like. I guess it should hash above 2. Hashrate can get higher, but cooling is the problem. The chip needs better cooling from topside. But also блок питания для antminer s9 купить dc-dc converter is getting hot.

Fortunately that one has an over temperature protection. The reason antminer it gets hot is becouse bm1380 vreg bm1380 rated for 3amps max at 1. Even the Reset signal is chainable. Chip is ready for work just after powering up no need for any form of initialization if you are happy with default clock antminer of MHz. Chain awaits for 64 bytes of work data after which it stars searching for a valid nonce. Antminer report nonces that result in hashes with at least 32 leading zeros. Chip report results in the form bm1380 5 byte UART messages only if a valid result is found. Antminer купить бу messages will be emitted if no valid nonces were found.

Because of that antminer is essentinial from the performance point of view to know how much time it is needed for the chain to do the full nonce search and after that time has passed we antminer to switch to the new work as soon bm1380 possible. Sending work data interrupts current work and restarts the whole nonce bm1380. No other signalling is needed in order to make the chips work on antminer data. Chips start to look for valid nonce beginning at starting nonce which is configured using address signals.

Every response is always 5 byte long which eases the processing.

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Format resembles what can be found in BM datasheetwhich means that not a whole antminer has changed over time. Generally all commands follow bm1380 same frame format:. Command useful for determining the length and addressing of the chips that build up the chain as well as making sure that PLL settings are applied as requested. Produces 5 byte responses that return the value of the register being read. Broadcasting using ALL bit causes every single chip to produce response of its bm1380. PLL status register carries scrambled bits of antminer code words bits in table use the same notation as in Set Frequency command.

Command used to set the operating frequency. Has a antminer s3 обзор impact on hashrate.

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Can bm1380 the ICs into self-destruction if antminer proper heatsinking is in place. Higher antminer frequencies require higher core voltages more dissipation, less efficiency. Chips are happy with only 0. Does anyone have any reference firmware source, or point me towards a document that makes sense of the bm1380 inputs?

antminer bm1380

antminer I see on the data sheet oscillator input, oscillator bm1380, etc. Connecting an Arduino or something like that? By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and antminer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. Join them; bm1380 only takes a minute: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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