Antminer frequency

Finksy on December 01, Hi Everybody, What batch is mine?

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What I have in the sticker is: Solo antminer is alive and profitable! Biodom on December 04, Hi, again, Since mine is a late batch 5, here it goes: The values, are a frequency calculated, at 48 hours each.

antminer frequency

All the Best, Geotete. December 04, Based on the frequency values: Antminer to do it: I pasted heatsinks on the chip. The size of the resistance smaller than a grain of rice.

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Before i replaced R3,like this: So you need do the same thing on R66,R38,R52 5. Enter your email address to subscribe to CoinReport and receive latest news notifications in email. How can I get Bitcoins?

antminer frequency

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What frequency works best for Antminer S7?

Please note that the currently listed frequency may not be what your Antminer is using right now. Click OK to apply changes to all selected Frequency The Antminers will be restarted after the changes frequency been applied, and will for that reason appear as Disconnected in Awesome Miner for a short period of time. Find out more about rules in the article Introduction to Rules In this example, we antminer use the rule concept to schedule Antminer frequency changes based on the current time. In this example we will configure the following: Follow the steps below: To select specific miners only, check Only apply to selected miners and click Select Antminer a new antminer u1 u2 u3 by clicking the Add button in the Triggers section, and select Time

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