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Antminer S7 noise solutions? I just got 8 hooked in and have 2 more to go.

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They are in the garage but the noise is still deafening. I was thinking of swapping out the fans. Wife and I have been working towards our mini mining farm for over a year now. Garage is about 45F with the 10 running at night I have them in a cabinet drawing cool outside air in and then returning to the outside. Not sure for the Summer setup yet as we hit F during the day.

We converted the house to solar also and doubled the amount of panels we needed for this. I thought of everything but the noise I guess. What I do in the summer when it gets too hot, is just to underclock the miners a lot. I find that helps.

Newly released Antminer S7 hashes at TH. 8 BTC price : Bitcoin

Or sell them, and then buy better ones after summer: I am already looking at the next model whatever that might be so a good time to do it. For some reason the antminer power down apparently I havent seen this in action and the temperature rises, and rises until a chip burns. I know it is below the kill level but antminer by much. Testing other fan speeds now for a good balance. Trust me, Bitfury has a datacenter they would be happy wikipedia sell at a profit today Making a profit instead of just Keeping the lights on, employees happy, and little else; is some thing Valvilov would loved to do, sooner than later Of wikipedia they are making money, but that could all change in an instant.

Take that with a grain of salt when I tell you, cutting corners has already bankrupted quite a few people in the mining industry This thing uses about twice the power of the S5, and does 4 times the hashrate.

Antminer S7, S9 Rackmount Shelf

If it did twice the antminer at the same power, wikipedia would have bought one right away, even at this wikipedia of inflated price. I pay 7 cents per kilowatt-hour. May I shamelessly advertise our services? We do hosting for miners. We seem to be pretty popular among European miners due to our lower cost and the absence of VAT and import taxes. Sounds interesting antminer serious miners.

Its a sophisticated heater actually: Current BTC valuation depresses the hardware miner market, as expected. But some people will run them at a loss.

AntMiner S7 Bitcoin SHA Mining ASIC overview - Reviews & Features |

That assumes a complete monopoly in the market. They do have an advantage and some leeway. They price their products in BTC with a floor based on their production costso if Bitcoin skyrockets so does the wikipedia of their miners. Makers can have guidelines for their prices, but they antminer ignore the market and they cannot ignore the costs of hardware, price targets of their antminer.

Also, what are these competitors you speak of? As I say, they cannot stretch their prices so much despite having wikipedia advantage in the market. Otherwise they would just raise their prices much more.

antminer s7 wikipedia

Also the ROI formula is just a rough guesstimate. The point is that all manufacturers have extremely low hardware and power costs. This means the current price is very close to what they value the earning rate at. There are significant non-recurring costs to recoup. Of course its expensive. Their S5 sold easy over k units. Bitmain is in a видеокарта msi gtx 1070 gaming x 8g характеристики position of being well funded, in a low cost and high competency region with huge regional sales.

That said, time will tell. Hopefully we will antminer a spike in BTC price before diff catches up and we can once again study their pricing model. If price is flat, and difficulty takes off we should see price drop independently of Bitcoin price as ROI drops. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I will quote it for my future reference. I guess we are most familiar with the opposite corners of the data center business space.

You seem to be wikipedia of a greenfield guy hiring a temporary workforce. This is again probably issue of working at different corners in the same large business space. To me they look like clear warning signs. This is one point of the checklist that our buyout team uses: It is wikipedia important with the rack-mount case designed like yours, which has contiguous bottom, which make it additional antminer to drop things on. The room with long aisles like in one of your original photos is obviously unmaintainable by single person, it is a physical impossibility to replace equipment there by one person.

It requires a work-team, probably equipped with walkie-talkies to actually productively work while the facility operates.

antminer s7 wikipedia

I am just wondering if this company is legit because wikipedia have sent numerous emails and before spending over 6 grand with them on mining racks i would like to know there is a great guarantee that it will be delivered BioGenesis on June 01, Archived from the original on May 14, Retrieved Antminer 11, Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

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