Antminer s9 ssh

Awesome Miner would be great if it worked properly. I paid for it but it has some serious issues that make me afraid to use it. Do you see that as well? Nmapand 25 works though. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Ssh. BitcoinMining comments other discussions 1. Log in or sign up in seconds. Antminer a new link.

How do I connect (login) via SSH? – MyRig

Submit a new text post. Have a question or interesting post about Bitcoin mining in general? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I first setup that I could login from the Linux box to the Antminer S9 ssh giving a password by antminer a public and private RSA key and inserting that key to the miner. Push key to Antminer. Root password is admin. Check that it worked by SSH to the miner.

antminer s9 ssh

It should connect with no password. Then I set up an hourly crontab job on the Linux box antminer log in and reboot ssh Antminer. Access cron with this command, choose your favorite editor: That worked pretty good. So I changed it to every thirty minutes: Now the miner is rebooting every 30 minutes, and it is contributing significant hashing power again. Also published on Medium. One of the new Bitcoin miners I put into production last week had a problem.

The fan stopped working after antminer little while, and it stopped hashing. The same thing happens when an Antminer overheats or has some other safety feature kick in that stops it from hashing. I needed a system that would monitor the actual mining activity of the Antminers and tell как установить antminer s5 when there was a problem.

Doing a network ping is no good. The bitcoin miners are still online and responding to ssh. The Antminer operating system is based on cgminer antminer, an ssh source mining application. There are some decent appearing monitoring systems available for miners out there, like Cryptoglance.

antminer s9 ssh

antminer But I wanted something simple that would just ssh me when there was a problem. Going back to my days setting up a customer facing IT support desk, Antminer knew what needed to be done. Zabbix is an open source asic antminer s3 купить в and alerting application.

Unfortunately none of these would work for me. IPMI is for plugging into the third Ethernet port on the back of servers, and was not a match. But Zabbix is very extensible. And one of the things it can do is run a script and take an output ssh that script. I installed Zabbixand got it running. It is more difficult to set it up properly, make it run reliably, and scale to thousands of devices. Once you start saving lots of data on thousand of devices, some special things need to be done to the databases to optimize the installation ssh prevent it from bogging down.

Zabbix offer support and consulting for larger and more advanced installations. Then I needed the script. I played around with the Python application for a little while. Zabbix will let you set up a host check using a script, but as far as I can tell it needs to be a Bash script. So I put the python ssh in the Zabbix externalscripts directory, and a Bash script antminer calls the Python script.

Antminer S9 Monitoring and Alerting Application – Block Operations

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