Antminer u1 обзор

Обзор instructions worked for me Note that when overclocked the Antminers will run hotter and require additional cooling; overclocking and overheating can result in damaged hardware. U1 may become unstable and crash if overclocked too much. To overclock the U1 set the antminer: Use the following table to choose your hash speed: Antminer this review helpful to you?

How to Install, Use, and Overclock an AntMiner U1 Bitcoin ASIC Miner in Windows

These are a relic now that I have gotten around to reviewing it. Now it sits in a pile with other defunct hardware. If they ever come up with other uses for these besides crypto currency, I am sure I will put it back into use.

antminer u1 обзор

Following the instructions the setup went ok. The fact that you have to download two separate generic drivers was not newbie friendly. Anyhow, I connected to a pool at standard 1. Initially saw a few invalid nonce HW errors, but after the thing warmed up I no longer see any errors. By warm, I mean hot. No fan or forced air cooling. Seems like active cooling or lowered clock rate will be needed in the summer.

antminer u1 обзор

They chug along reliably and consistently. I strongly recommend only making a purchase of these through Jones Gear they are a seller here on Amazon. Jones Gear always comes through. Stay away from the vendors who have "goofy" or "unprofessional" or "foreign sounding" business names. This product works perfectly! I обзор had it running now for 24 hours with no problems, but it does get quite hot. I would defiantly suggest getting a USB fan or something to cool it in addition. I had a bit antminer d3 what to mine trouble being a noob at this so I am going to include the link to the specific cgminer build that will run the miner at its обзор speed.

If you are running on Windows download: I designed one array of oil cooled miners. I need more miners. Can you antminer provide me with details of miners you sell. Thanks for your interest, I just send you an email. I have antminer quick обзор for you, which configure options did you use to compile bfgminer 3. The other miner I used: It runs fine, but with much more errors: I was looking for something on github when i came across this.

Which image show the correct location of the resistors? Thanks for the reply. No problem, I figured as much since the datasheet for the power IC explains the usage of the voltage divider on the feedback antminer and the mention of the fixed value and the variable value resistors matched the Antminer Guide.

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Thanks for the guide you put out here! Great tip on the —icarus-options I have run 20 Ant U1s without the icarus parameter. Could be lack of power, multipool issues, running redfury and icefury devices at the same time as the ant U1…no clue. Cooling will not be an issue. Please specify whether resistance change or Offset change or both is required.

How to use Antminer U1

I am getting 2. Admin February 1, at 2: Anthony Cruz February 7, at 2: Jua Garavaglia February 11, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Teetering Tether Posted On21 Jan World Mahjong to buy digital currency mining assets, coins, masternodes Обзор On20 Jan Like us on facebook. For CGminer you will need to run Zadig. If you did, have you tried to restart the machine? I remember having had troubles there in the beginning as well. And make sure you use cgminer from the github repository, not the "regular antminer s5 voltage, but I guess you did that? Suika on January 15, January 15, Rh3nium on January 15, Try to download USBDview: You can easily antminer drivers there.

Might help to restart the install process.

antminer u1 обзор

I just cannot get an antminer working with cgminer on antminer 7. I have re-installed the drivers so many times now Strange, I can get Обзор to see it and run at 1.

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