Antminer u1

Fixes for various KnC hardware errors, with improvements to hashrate. Note this is not a comprehensive fix for the hardware errors specific to rEligius - you will find a substantial drop in hardware errors if you start cgminer with the quiet and text only antminer -q -T. An updated binary is here: This includes dynamic clocking based on temperature which tries to maintain a constant temperature set intiially to 82 degrees but adjustable with --bxf-temp-target.

USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers | Silicon Labs

Much more API output for bxf devices. BFL SC devices will now throttle antminer degrees msi gtx 1060 6gt ocv1 купить cutoff 82 degrees and cut off work at the lower 85 биткоин майнер antminer s9, restarting when they get below If you wish to aim for a higher maximum, antminer the --temp-cutoff feature 90 was the old maximum.

If you set it to zero it will disable this behaviour. Fixes for builds with --with-system-libusb enabled not working with older libusbs. Fixes for warnings with. Dramatically improved communications for USB1. Fixes for leaving too many open files problem with repeatedly hotplugging devices on low resource systems eg RPi.

Fix a potential API crash. The build will be much quieter around the jansson part now. More fixes to make usb communications more forgiving and robust which may improve reliability and speeds. Json API commands should work again. More fixes for upcoming hashfast hardware. Lowmem mode has been extended to use USB sync transfers BXF devices should align better with other devices on the display.

Devices will now initialise before trying to connect to pools. Fixed the bxf device to align in the display antminer if temperature went above degrees. Very small antminer in hardware error rate on some USB devices due to the way return messages are handled. Fix a memory antminer when json is used to communicate with the RPC API Avalon improvements to fix the sudden drops in antminer these fixes are all already in the last avalon antminer I uploaded. Unlimited re-hotplugging of devices that have USB failures and turn into zombies but have had their USB reset by the operating system.

These will come up as BXF devices. Note that if you have one of these, having 2 bitfury chips they generate a LOT of heat and will need active cooling. This should be fixed in their next version. Set priority of various threads high and low for poor performing hardware e. Antminer a problem where it was possible for cgminer to hang after getting notification of a new block when mining via getwork.

Low level communication fixes antminer libusb itself to support sending proper zero length packets on windows for antminer reliable communications same as the lulz binaryalong with automatically clearing pipe errors and not losing buffered data. More low level avalon fixes. Klondike fixes Hashfast fixes BaB fixes Hardware antminer on starting BF1 devices are now minimised Fix for mining directly on a GBT port with --fix-protocol --shares is now scaled relative antminer diff1 shares instead antminer absolute number Fix for a rare crash on startup Other low level fixes More verbose documentation Full changelog here.

Unchanged for Mac users since 3. Should help more on windows than anywhere else. Numerous tweaks to improve Avalon behaviour possibly still problematic on wrt hardware but works better on PC. Fixes to prevent Avalons from hanging rarely on block change. Low level clean ups, bugfixes and preparation for more driver code. Remove all GPU code. Fix for crashes on startup and hotplug. Fix for hangs doing no further work after a block change. Fix yet again scrypt showing a block solve with every highish diff share.

Write errors will cause a device failure, allowing cgminer to attempt to hotplug them again.

cgminer for Mac OS X

Icarus based devices will hopefully align on the display with others. Fix for diff shown on big endian machines Fix for building with curses disabled. Other low level clean ups. Fix for avalon type hardware hanging 3. OpenCL now needs to be explicitly built into binaries with --enable-opencl; it is no longer built in by default binaries built by me still include it. Updated the build to not install opencl kernels when cgminer is built without opencl. It is recommended to not use this option unless you cannot build udev on linux as the included libusb is the most stable version.

Updated klondike driver, antminer built into linux binary. Improvements to support for BitBurner boards. Updated the read mechanism on slower USB devices: The advantage of this is much less wasted CPU time, and much faster response to block change - i. Currently this feature has been added to bitfury sticks and icarus devices. The stabilising of async transfers in cgminer made this change possible. Timer updates on windows now using the native clocks and timers for higher accuracy timing and antminer control.

Miners quickly moved on to using the graphical processing unit GPU in computer graphics cards because they were able to hash data 50 to times faster and consumed much less power per unit of work. During the winter ofa new industry sprang up with custom equipment that pushed the antminer standards even higher. The first wave of these specialty bitcoin mining devices were easy to use Bitcoin miners were based on field-programmable gate array FPGA processors and attached to computers using a convenient USB connection. Application-specific integrated circuit ASIC miners have taken over antminer.

Several reputable companies have established themselves with excellent products. Currently, based on 1 price per hash and 2 electrical efficiency the best Bitcoin miner options are:. For a comprehensive comparison of bitcoin mining hardware. Какова окупаемость в месяцах при такой стоимости? Стоит или нет решать Вам, но месяц назад они стоили по. Окупаемость при текущем курсе и сложности можете узнать с помощью этих калькуляторов https: Так это решать Вам, по хорошей цене скорее да чем. Но мы например в оборудование сейчас не выкладываемся так как преимуществ относительно облачного майнинга фактически нет, а проблем в работе намного.

Но каждому свое, это сугубо наше мнение. Цены меняются с ростом курса криптовалюты, можем порекомендовать проверенного поставщика, отправьте свой вопрос на почту info mining-cryptocurrency. Есть ли такая модель в реале или это просто развод? Про все магазины сказать нельзя, можем порекомендовать проверенного поставщика. Года три назад покупал асик на алиэкспресс…долларов зане помню… На тот момент он добывал буквально пару центов yunhui antminer l3 сутки… Я не спец в этом… Скажите, а насколько сейчас выгодно запускать такой асик?

antminer u1

Параметры его не antminer, не понимаю в этом… Спасибо antminer s7 пароль за ответ. Все зависит от стоимости по которой Вы найдете оборудование, сейчас большой дефицит на рынке и например S9 просто не найти. А также от курса и сложности сети, сейчас окупается примерно за 6 месяцев. Я покупать пока не планирую. Меня интересует сколько может заработать конкретная модель.

И второй вопрос, к какому пулу подключить. Все зависит от курса и сложности сети, примерно 6 месяцев, но сейчас будет повышение цен и сними пока не понятно. Предлагают в магазине Antminer S9 в наличии в моём городе за руб. Насколько это может быть правдой и на что обратить внимание, если поеду смотреть. Мы не занимаемся продажей АСИКов, к тому же последний месяц цены меняются каждый antminer в прямом смысле — каждый день.

Bitmain to Launch New AntMiner L3+ Scrypt ASIC - Crypto Mining Blog

Можете написать свои контакты на почту info antminer. Вы понимаете что чем больше людей включается в майнинг тем сложнее становится процесс а некогда прибыльные аппараты убыточными? Брать аппараты на пике цен — кормить перепродаванов. Если уж так хочется сварить пару битков на кухне то лучше дождаться падения спроса и взять асики по адекватным ценам.

Покупать при таком ажиотаже имеет смысл только если есть планы на постоянное расширение и стройка большой фермы. Blue Antminer 2, Retrieved January 30, Retrieved September 2, Retrieved September 25, Retrieved February 7,

antminer u1

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