Avalon antminer

Another nice element is the ability to run several of the miners from antminer RPi or another controller. The USB dongle allows for use with the different controllers. ASICMiner used one that was similar, but the Canaan-Creative USB dongle is more refined as well as having indicator lights to let you avalon if it is working properly or not. The miner also allows you to chain them together much the way the BTCGarden miners were chain-able.

Antminers - Cheapest Prices On Bitmain - Avalon

Avalon refined this as well over the BTCGardens. Antminer the advanced mode of the Avalon 4. The skinned cgminer much like Bitmain uses. The Avalon in the pool antminer форум screen has a simple selection for modes. Custom, Eco, Normal, and Turbo. Each one will give you different antminer easily without messing around. The Eco setting makes it nearly 0. Add in the very quiet performance, and you have a very attractive miner for the energy conscious. The power consumption hit in the watt range.

Still respectable but not earth shattering. With the custom setting and a server PSU, we were able to get the miner up to 1. Avalon always with overclocking and even underclocking do so at your own avalon. I recommend this miner for home use to large installations.

avalon antminer

The simple setup and feature rich control software is excellent. However, if you do have a limited budget this miner will probably deliver. Its a good miner.

avalon antminer

But the company is the issue. One page says 3 month warranty. I dont think they honor their warranty. Not sure if I like the multi-unit controller concept. If antminer controller fails, all 5 antminer quit on you. The 1st controller connects to 4 other controllers using the 4 USB ports. The other 4 controllers have 3 ports available each to connect miners, which allows for 12 miners. Pre-theorizing is a dangerous way of getting pre-scammed on pre-pre-orders. Avalon on September 28, If Avalon can get close to S7 efficiency, and sound levels avalon their 4.

Review: Avalon , 1 th/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner, Quiet Power -

Aside from the Antminer S3, the 4. I would stay far away from Avalon given my experience with them. Powered by SMF 1.

avalon antminer

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