S3 antminer bitcoin

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s3 antminer bitcoin

Have breaking news or a story tip to send to our journalists? Contact us at news coindesk. Feb 2, at Feb 1, at Samsung has confirmed it is now manufacturing cryptocurrency mining chips after reports earlier this week. Jan 31, at Antminer s5 от bitmain quick email to the seller, and a quick response and Bitcoin was able to do the reset.

I have overcocked it to Ghs, but my pool stats do antminer show improvement over the Ghs standard. It is pulling about W according to my Kilowatt. Hopew to buy another one from this seller. Amazing piece of tech. Antminer for three weeks straight without issue. Only slightly warm to the touch. Fans do a great job antminer cooling. Seriously considering another purchase as Gen 8 comes bitcoin line in September. At this price i am buying them for extra parts its cheaper than buying new parts for my hundreds of s5 and s 7 some people are underclocking these.

However the energy usage is quite a bit higher than the S5 underclocked. By far, the s3 is the best bang for the buck! I originally bought two, now I recently purchased four more. You will bitcoin to do some research as to how to set them up using windows. Overall, it took about an hour to glean information and setup the first miner, then only about 5 minutes on the next. If you think you are going to get rich mining, think again.

s3 antminer bitcoin

antminer Personally I am mining because I wanted a hobby and Bitcoin like tech stuff. If you are not willing to put forth the effort and keep up with crypto-currencies in general, then mining may not be for you. Crypto is a bitcoin. Just remember, what you are antminer is specialized piece of equipment and they need to be maintained, monitored, etc.

Additionally, these miners blow off heat at degrees Fahrenheit, so it will definitely heat up a room! Is it still a good miner for a hobbyist or should I find something else. Antminer S3 is only OK for a hobbyist who just doing it for fun and does not aim to cover their costs. The S3 is totally obsolete.

Bitmain Releases Energy Efficient GH/s AntMiner S3

Its advantage is that antminer is quieter and draws less power than the very noisy S5 and Bitcoin. The S3 draws about Watts. You can expect to spend between 25 and 50 dollars bitcoin month on electricity per miner depending on your electricity cost. Your electricity cost will be several times higher than what you earn in bitcoins so only run one S3 even if you buy two. For antminer of power supply and setup see https: It was a pretty nice experience. I used a Corsair AXi as power supply. At the current network specs of 1. Included in my rent. Your electricity is probably FREE under normal conditions.

Where I live, the electricity starts of at 19 cents per kilowatt and goes up from there when you use more. The cowl allows for very efficient cooling. The fans, despite there being two of them, were actually not as loud as my S1. My S3 ran at 42 to degree Celsius. In contrast, my S1 runs between 47 and 50 Celsius. Bitmain has focused on making the S3 as efficient as майнинг на antminer s7. Accuracy has been tweaked so hardware error rates are as low as.

The S3 is super easy to use as usual. This is a watt outlet. And then you can see I have this APW3, 1,watt power supply. The Antminer is charging up. So I have my guy run this watt dedicated cable right to my box. Directly to the main. This is watts. My basement is unfinished. Literally, we had some hiccups with voltage concerns. We had initially just had one of those regular PSU cables.

s3 antminer bitcoin

This is rated 16A, watt, heavy gauge. This is super thick. The heat alone is, it definitely can handle. As you can see I got a big table here. So I definitely have bitcoin dedicated right here for the router, for the bridge and Antminer have a dedicated volts dedicated power directly to the breaker. I live in the woods. And this is the sound from the Antminer. I could feel the heat coming off of right here. So I might just keep the table. This is some sort of like poly resin glass.

So the problem was that I had a first watt outlet in here. I told my antminer I need volts minimum dedicated circuit to the main and everything and he just was like, oh, what you really want is just to dedicate its circuit to a So we have to have him come back out and throw this volt outlet and this cable right here. Linking bitcoin description as well. So I have to do that.

BITMAIN Antminer S3+ Bitcoin Miner + GH/s - $ | PicClick

I just finished that today. So you got to have the AC on both ends for it to connect. So I really wonder the Antminer is going to be as loud as this, which I doubt.

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