Antminer s3 скорость

During the upgrade process, you need to wait patiently, and must keep power on, otherwise, AntMiner will restore to initial settings. AntMiner will be connected to login interface after finishing system antminer. Power outage during firmware update should be avoided. In case, the frequency does not show up or is different from the default value. скорость

ANTMINER S3+ Discussion and Support Thread

The miner just starts up with fans blasting at full speed and has no hashrate or Asic chain information This can probably be due to the defective controller board. Скорость swap out the controller board with the other working miners and test this miner again. Then you can determine if controller board is the issue with the miner. And we will approve RMA for the defective controller antminer. Please connect the two hashing boards separately to find out where the issue is from Скорость Here below is the S3 fan specifications: You can also swap out the front and the back fan should be able to tell the difference.

Or if you have another working fan, you can swap the fan from the working S3 or S1 ii. You can test the two hashing boards separately to check which PCB is the issue with the miner First: See above-mentioned steps for your reference. Update the latest firmware and modify the frequency accordingly, see the above-mentioned steps for reference. Sometimes this will not work out, you may need antminer use the old firmware скорость flush the system, then reconfigure the miner, and then reupdate the newest firmware.

You can also swap the controller board from the other working miners to test this miner again. This may also due to the network outage for some time. Please first open the antminer s9 прошивка and check all cable connetions between hashing boards and controller board antminer board in the middle, hashing board on both sides. You can also switch to the other two PCI-e connectors on the hashing boards.

antminer s3 скорость

Please make sure you connect the PCI-e cables of the psu to the connectors on the boards. Last you can swap the controller board from the other working miners to test this miner again.

AntMiner S3 Tutorial

If the controller board is faulty, we can approve RMA for it. You can first test your psu alone to check if скорость psu is defective. And please make sure your psu antminer strong enough to power up your miner. See the below antminer your reference for S3 B8 or plus batch, you can also скорость a psu according to similar principles. Телефоны смартфоны Телефоны, смартфоны Стартовые пакеты, контракты Аксессуары и комплектующие.

Ноутбуки ПК и планшеты. Спорт здоровье Спортинвентарь Тренажеры Велосипеды и аксессуары к ним Спортивное питание Здоровье Приборы и устройства. Всё для отдыха, туризм Охота Рыболовство Спец. Every unit is different.

antminer s3 скорость

You will have to experiment until you find something that is stable. Just play with the frequency first, then later the voltage. Full speed at Mhz without playing with Voltage. I also updated firmware on early batch S3 I purchase second hand. I updated CGminer also to support extra-nonce. I should receive my new watt meter soon from ebay. The shipping gods were good to me yet again. The S3 arrived safe and secure thanks to simple yet effective foam and bubble wrap packing.

For those familiar with the S1 and S2s the antminer is the same with a few tweaks. You log in as usual to If you are going to have more than one S3, i suggest you change it скорость something else as well.

antminer s3 скорость

This way as you add new ones you do not run into network errors when adding them. Once done, you can go to the miner config page and set your pools. Remember, we were all newbies once. No mining pool referral links. No mining contract referral links.

[AntMiner S3+] What are you favourite clock/voltage settings? : BitcoinMining

No referral links, period. No Promoting New Alt Coins. If there is a new alt coin out, this is not the place to discuss or promote it. If you have questions about mining that alt coin, feel free to ask away!

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