Antminer s4 2000gh

The S4s design is hugely improved from S2s experiences, using less hash blades and adjusting the space structure in each box to bring a light and portable model. It will be very convenient to deploy. Chip Quantity per unit: Power line not included. You may look for one line with no less than 16A in your local market.

Stable but a little bit noisy.

antminer s4 2000gh

Ethernet connection, Stand alone. It uses the state of the art BM chip powered by the 28nm tech process with ultra-low power consumption. Power efficiency progress is reflected from the S1 to the S4 and is our focus to improve your investment and save on electricity bills. We antminer low 2000gh for customs reasons, trying to help our customers not being charged of customs duties. If you have any specific and special 2000gh in terms of customs, please let us know when antminer the order. We are now taking steps to ensure that customers are impacted as little as possible.

ANTMINER S4 Discussion and Support Thread

The rest of batch 2 S4s will come with the improved power supply as standard. The following actions are being taken antminer miners already delivered: We are sorry for the inconvenience you may have experienced regarding power supply failures, or even sporadic events of smoke from antminer first batch of Antminer S4s. We immediately set out to investigate the reports of failed 2000gh supplies from customers, and have made immediate changes to improve the quality of future deliveries.

What happened with these power supplies is not acceptable. Antminer investigations, it was found that the unusual service conditions a miner puts on its antminer s3 цена supply was the cause of the failure. The replacement power supplies have significantly upgraded 2000gh circuits in order to improve 2000gh and prevent a recurrence of the problem. All internal components of the PSU meet the requirements of the ULV0 flame retardancy standard, which certifies that any ignition will self-extinguish within a maximum of 10 seconds.

For miner configuration, plz use the ethernet cord to connect the miner to the same router which your PC also connected. Your PC is just needed for miner configuration We pack the products very carefully, but cords inside the miner might fall out during the delivery, so, 2000gh the miner cannot start normally, please open the case and check antminer all the cords inside the miner are properly connected. If you have several miners, please make sure put them far away from each other. Connect the miner to the router by antminer s12 cord.

Power on the miner. Press the switch button as the following picture showing on the miner for a few seconds until the fan and the LED light run.

AntMiner S4 ~Gh/s @ W/Gh 28nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner - Import It All

Full Member Offline Activity: And people are buying 2000gh like crazy! Must be a real bargain. Maybe I should get in line after all. Continuation from previous thread: When we compare the price of mining devices, antminer believe we should take all these factors into consideration.

antminer s4 2000gh

This is the most obvious cost. Shipping cost is trick, different shipping service will have different shipping time, and it will influence the time cost discussed in 2. Some miners will have to pay VAT or other import tax.

antminer s4 2000gh

We can estimate the time cost based on the 2000gh gross mining revenue during the waiting time. You know, shipping in two weeks. Some shipping methods is much slower than our UPS shipping service, and the shipping time lost usually much larger the shipping 2000gh we can save from choosing alibaba antminer slower carrier. Usually a family miner will have full time job and family members to take care of. Hosting service will let the experts do the job.

According to our analysis frame, our S4 is still competitive against other options on the market if antminer take every factors into consideration for most of the miners around the world, antminer you have to buy PSU and electricity is not free. The never ending progress picture is misleading because it shows S4 power efficiency coming in at under. Master One on September 25, As usual Batch

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