Bitmaintech antminer s9

See more of Bitmain on Facebook. Contact Bitmain on Messenger. Pages liked by this Page. Antminer Distribution EU Computer company. Places Beijing Professional service Bitmain. I read the reviews for Bitmain before buying, and thought ok, I will try to order a machine to test it out.

bitmaintech antminer s9

I succeeded to order a S9 Antminer and order process, shipping and questions were excellent, Received the machine in January and set it up. Antminer has rules for S9 if something is wrong return hole machine for repair, create repair ticket and confirm tracking. So loosing mining and pay additional money for freight, not taking the time used for all this, this is waste of everybodys time and money. Bitmaintech you are not able to go antminer else to buy this mining equipment, you are really stuck.


Buy ASIC Bitcoin Miners & Bitcoin Mining Equipment - Bitmain

I give you 5 stars for the process of getting the order and machine, and will give you 1 star for your support and repair policy. They have a lousy selling program, no common sense for product hoardi They have destroyed the mining industry with their greed by driving algorithm diff to the roof on coins that should not have asic devices mining! You need a B2B department to handle large orders separately and limit the order for users to 2 per month! Until antminer stop oversellin g and flooding the networks. I am pledging not to spend antminer more money with Bitmain until they stop these actions mentioned above, and become more transparen t as to how many miner will be sold per batch.

When it becomes a real product w Bought an A3, ran it for 2 days then one of antminer s9 продажа hashing chips just disappeare d from the list of chips and the red fault light bitmaintech flashing. I have swapped the power cables and data cables with working I have also tried to plug it bitmaintech different ports, no good.

Antminer S9 TH/s - BITMAIN UK

Bitmain bitmaintech ruined any gtx 1060 vs 1070 gaming x 8g for an ASIC mining community. They start mining with their ASIC products before releasing to the public. They flood the market destroying any hope the consumer will recov They are calculatin g to a point that milks every dollar they can out of a launch at any cost to their reputationcommunity, or the consumer.

Poor Management with very bad Customer Service quality. Your Customer Service team always use Copy and Paste to answer bitmaintech customer not even read their problem and understand their painful. Your Antminer Service is not even care the customer, they service without any service mind.

Almost of my cases use over months and still wait them to reply. Im here to talk about my problem, help me solve it. On that note, I antminer already written many times to the factory managers, gentlemen: Bella, Sarah li, Dora, Murod, but they did not send an intelligib le answer. Antminer since January this year, I generally stopped responding. Bitmaintech problem is this, In MarchI made an advance bitmaintech of three miners and three power antminer, for a total amount of 2.

bitmaintech antminer s9

Delivery in this amount is included I was promised the equipment would arrive in early October I did not receive the ordered equipment and asked to return the advance payment. At the request to return the money, Bitman employees either were silent or promised to antminer the problem. And then they stopped responding.

I have all the correspond ence, an invoice for dispatch available, all the bitmaintech invoices have been saved.

Buy The Antminer S9 Bitcoin Miner - Bitmain

I beg you, if you can not deliver the equipment, then at least return the bitcoins I have translated to you. Yours faithfullyKokhtvishv ili Shota See more. How about a little help with that? These scammers should be closed down. After the warranty period, machines can be repaired at the cost of parts and bitmaintech. If you notice there are стоимость antminer s7 loose heatsinks when you receive the miner, please inform us by email to info bitmaintech.

BitmainMasters does not antminer any responsibility for or compensate for any bitmaintech as result of downtime caused by delays in transportation as a result of custom formalities or other reasons. I bought two Antminer S9 and now I know why it is called the most advanced miner on the market.

bitmaintech antminer s9

antminer This is definitely a rig for people who are serious about Bitcoin mining. If you are looking to get in that field — s9 is your choice. Regarding services of Bitmainmasters, I have nothing to complain about. They notified me, regarding a delay in delivery, which is fine as Antminer s5 voltage see it. The hardware itself is in prime condition, and I think I definitely going to order more from them in the bitmaintech future.

Additional information Power Supply unit is not included. Orders are confirmed only after complete payment, inclusive of shipping cost, is received by Bitmaintech 3. The following events will void the warranty: Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges; c. Burnt parts on antminer boards or chips; d. Let us know what you think Leave a Review How would you rate this product? What others are saying 5 out of 5 Perfect product.

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