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Antminer d3 is an ASIC so there is no chance to reprogramming this device. You can start to reprogram a andminer s5 its more cheap and you debug have more time to waste. Full Member Offline Activity: Hero Member Offline Antminer My company does commercial mining and we are still getting orders once or twice a week for D3 Kits. I have two d3s about to be shipped. ROI 3 years maybe? Must work together and have more x11 options for coins.

Antminer S1 - 5 - Debug Output -

This will be ready aroundd the 1st of January https: Maicol on November 05, купить antminer s10, I bought some with btc and btc has gone up so much since i bought. I debug they are telling me that you insert the serial connectors into the 3 debug holes and one of debug 4 connectors might be a ground. They gave me 2 lines of code from bitmain to restore to factory settings and to reinstall new firmware. A simple way to connect to your board is to get a DB-9 female connector and 3 wires you antminer to the board and the DB-9, then using a db-9 male to female cable to your usb-to-serial converter connect the pc to the s3.

Pin out for the board should be available, ground is easiest antminer find with a meter, 2, 3 then can be swapped as necessary to make it work.

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Then you only have to worry about baud rate and if N or other Parity, data length and stop bits are necessary which should be in the documentation. Looking antminer some antminer links, debug left most pin of the debug is ground GNDthe far antminer is transmit Debug and the center is receive RX. One guy who seem to have similar problems on a couple of his s3 boards said to power off, connect a jumper paper clip between GND and TX on the board, power on and then remove the jumper. Can I do the firmware restore without soldering?

AntMiner Debug Info

Or antminer would I get a solderer and the parts for this at a computer shop maybe? You have to be careful even with the units overheating debug destroying itself with some sort debug glitch, I also noticed when you insert the 4 4pin power connectors you have to be careful the units are powered off or you will spark and you have to be careful to insert to the 2 antminer motherboards.

debug antminer

I payed thaieasyelec with paypal and they had a great price on the serial-USB connector and fast delivery tomorrow hopefully Best get the instructions and take it to someone. Debug, he wrote about DB-9 connectors I have taken some courses in theoretical physics and math but mainly calculated theoretical Gaussian surfaces.

I can antminer you the code from bitmain, I think they are selling these for much lower than I bought. The "payback" and profit from running these devices is dropping, costs more in electricity than you can collect from creating new coins. I think the price of bitcoins seems to be stable at the moment.

debug antminer

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ANTMINER D3 - Hacking, Reprogramming , Disassembly , Debugging, OS change

By rooster59 Started Yesterday at Posted June 28, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Yea, a power loss during a flash is never a good thing. BitMain needs to provide you step-by-step instructions on how to access and recover the device.

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