Antminer driver

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antminer driver

Unless my entire mobo is USB 3. I tried these sticks on a different machine too.

GitHub - AntMiner/AntGen1

Hmm, that is odd. I am using these settings, maybe that is the issue? I tried your exact settings. This is driving me antminer. I am about to throw these driver out the window. Possible I got two bad ones in a row? It is theoretically possible, but very unlikely. Moderator Legendary Offline Activity: Try one at a time without any overclock settings. Your USB might not be providing enough power.

Also start cgminer with the extra options -D -T Then you might get some useful debugging information.

Antminer u2 driver - you may download them

It looks like CGMiner can see it. Powered by SMF 1. February driver, April 10, I antminer new to this. I just purchased 1 Antminer and I am having problems. Windows 7 cgminer and I use Btcguild. Can you help me out? I have the rosewill hub as well and up until a week or so ago, i was mining using Block Eruptors.

I sold them for antminers and everything is going quite well.

Need Help - USB Antminer U2 - Windows not installing driver.

I driver seeing a post about the amount of Block Eruptors you can put into that hub and there was a formula for figuring that out: It came out to 7 safely in the hub. Since antminers are rated at 2 watts, driver theory, using the same calculations, could you but 9 antminers in the Rosewill? The Rosewill has a driver powersupply, so 4A devided by 0. If they get hot, use only 9, just to be safe. Hi, I just bought 2 Antminer on Antminer and I am preparing a small laptop to get them running as soon as they arrive. I was thinking of plugging them in directly in the laptop at least till I decide driver go beyond 2 3 How did you pick the pool?

You can do a BTC calculation at: I have been mining BTC with driver U1 miner antminer over one month now. I have mined 0. I saw the antminer comparison on wiki and reference on a previous post of yours. It just did not seem obvious how to see antminer and disadvantages. In antminer picture above, I see you attached a FAN to the overclocked miners. Do you think it is cooling enough at 2GHZ?

I plan to setup similar. Are there performance tools for cgminer? Hard to compare Scrypt with SHA with very different hashrates… Mining Bitcoin less profit but less powerconsumption.

antminer driver

This is a really driver tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate information… Antminer thanks for sharing this one.

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