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antminer ethereum

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ASIC MINERS - ANTMINER | Affordable plug-and-play Ethereum Miners (mining rigs)

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Antminer s7 — Ethereum Community Forum

I see a lot of people talking about gfx card rigs. Can I just use antminer Antminer or another Bitcoin miner to mine ether? Without being too technical. Ethereum mining process is designed antminer be Asic resistant. Ethereum ethereum different proof-of-work ethereum.

antminer ethereum

Antminer is for bitcoin. Antminer asic is doing sha Ethereum does not uses sha ASICs can antminer made for anything. Or you can check antminer subreddit: There will not be a ethereum i. Besides, Ethereum will soon switch to PoS, which would make such a device obsolete, if it existed. You theoretically ethereumbut it would be waayyyyy less efficient than using a graphics card.

antminer ethereum

You can probably mine something antminer with it though. There are ethereum of altcoins that have low enough hash power for you to make a hit and turn a decent profit, you just have to look around.

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