Antminer s 2

The use of DHCP can make for an easier time getting the miner on your network especially if you use a nonstandard addressing system or IP address setup. The first thing I will suggest is you to flash the unit to the newest firmware. The new firmware antminer the cgminer 4. With the shipped firmware antminer batch one, you will find that many times the hash rate will antminer report correctly, and poolside will only show up as less than half or less of the total hash rate. Make sure to set the difficulty to on your pool. Right now BTCGuild works the best. Ghash and eligius work but not up to full speed with the newest firmware. We antminer not able to get it to work well with P2Pool.

NastyPool gave me the best results at roughly 1. The driver needs to be fixed to allow better compatibility and currently ckolivas of cgminer is working on better cgminer results but is encouraging Bitmain to fix their driver. The Antminer S4 pulls watts at the wall while running at 1. The Antminer S4 does not ship with a power cable. What is the SSH login? My hashing boards came loose during shipping! Can I turn the beeping off when the miner stops mining? I can connect to the Antminer but its antminer для litecoin hashing?

What temperatures should I aim for?

[Guide] Dogie's Comprehensive Bitmain AntMiner S2 Setup [HD]

Where can I get the latest firmware? How can I tell what firmware version I have now? How do I install the latest firmware? How do I reset settings to default? Solution - There are just a few faulty chips - nothing we can do. Hash rate will be barely affected.

antminer s 2

Open antminer the case and take a look. If no luck, try with a second power supply. Enter the current password and enter your new one twice. Open the case up and carefully remove all the hashing boards. This statement leads me to believe there is much more in the works from Bitmain. I asked Juan Garavaglia the announcement.

Could you tell me how you feel about the upgrade?

antminer s 2

I think will be very interesting because reduce a lot the cost per GH and recycle many parts so cost drop. With all the scrypt ASIC antminer d 3 что это coming to the market, I cannot help but wonder if they are going to be announcing getting into that market as well in the near future. When Bitmain announced the Antminer Antminer on March 14th of this year people were skeptical that they would ship on April 1st. Disbelief in shipping dates from the community are nothing new, mainly due to so many companies antminer following through. Cut a paper clip into a U and insert it into the green wire and antminer black wire to the side of the green wire.

Tape it up for safety. The power supply will now be controlled by its switch on the rear socket.

Bitmain Antminer S7 Review: Is it Profitable to Buy? (Probably Not)

Plug the PSU into the mains. Power is controlled by the rocker switch on the PSU. Two fans exhaust in conjunction with three intaking fresh air. They are PWM controlled by the firmware and plug in via 4 pin headers to the motherboard.

Bitmain Announces th/s to 2 th/s Upgrade Path for Antminer S2

The fans slowly step up to deal with the hottest module temperature. Each mining board has a full cover aluminium finned heatsink. They are stackable and can operate on their sides without problems. Shipped weight of an S2 is 18kg, dimensions of the shipping box are x x mm. Power on as above. Plug in a network cable from the S2 to your router.

This is just temporary. If this is not possible, see below indented steps. Unplug your computer from all internet sources. Plug in a network cable from the S2 to your computer. Using a browser, navigate to

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