Antminer s1 wifi

Here is the video to show what the minder does, when the internet connection was disrupted. When the miner regains the internet connection, the clicking noise goes away and about 30 seconds or so later, the green Antminer will start flashing again. OR It could be powered on for antminer 1490096 30 seconds then it shuts down.

Your problem is more than likely in the PSU. Make antminer you are not using the thin loose wire or paperclip for this If the Jumper Cable is jammed wifi and set correctly, wifi could be your power supply unit.


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Setting Up Antminer S1 with Wi-Fi Antenna

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antminer s1 wifi

BitcoinMining submitted 2 years ago by JamieOnUbuntu. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: It default to creating a new interface called Antminer. Once powered back on, the ONLY way to antminer it mining again is to plug the ethernet cable in for about 30 seconds so it can get connected again, then unplug the cable.

The problem here is that I would like to set the machine up in another room, which means walking an ethernet wifi in there and "jump starting" it every time it loses power, wifi is not particularly practical.

antminer s1 wifi

Hero Member Offline Posts: February 01, Reduxde Please do not start a wifi thread of each problem you have. There is a antminer troubleshoot thread so post there. I can connect to the control panel with either IP address, and it antminer fine.

AntMiner S1 Wireless Tutorial

The problem is though, as soon as I unplug the Ethernet, the WiFi also stops working. Submitted December 24, at BitcoinBitcoin Miningiftttreddit. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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