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Bitmain Releases Energy Efficient GH/s AntMiner S3

If your power supply has low amperage per rail, you may need to antminer s1 сброс настроек in 4 6-pin inputs. However, 2 will normally work one on each blade. If you are only power one or two units, this may be a good idea. However, it can get very expensive if you are running many units. This will prevent power surges from potentially damaging your PSU and S3. Now, with your power connected but not turned on yetplug in your Ethernet cable. I have not personally confirmed this myself, but there may be a reason to go via Ethernet cable. With that said, I have had many hours of wireless difficulties and will now jump through hoops in order to use wired Internet.

Wait approximately antminer seconds after turning the power on before deeming everything as stable. We wait, because mining does not actually begin for approximately seconds after turning the device on. However, seconds is normal. If all is well so far, it is time to connect to your AntMiner S3 and configure it. Log into a computer on the same network as your AntMiner Power. The setting is convenient as you can use multiple pools at once. Bitmain listened to many in the mining community that mention the S1 could be better cooled with a cowl on it.

The S3 antminer a cowl over the blades and dual fans. The cowl allows for very efficient cooling. The fans, despite there being two of them, were actually not as loud as my S1. My S3 ran at 42 to degree Celsius. In contrast, my S1 runs between 47 and 50 Celsius. Алгоритм хэширования показать все Алгоритм хэширования. Скорость гигахеш в секунду показать все Скорость гигахеш в секунду. Гарантированная доставка показать все Гарантированная доставка. Не выбрано Применен фильтр. Power показать все Состояние.

Формат показать все Формат. Blockchain — What is bitcoin? Bitcoin What is Bitcoin? How Can I Buy Bitcoin? How Does Bitcoin Mining Work? How Do Bitcoin Transactions Work? How Can I Sell Bitcoin? Blockchain What is Blockchain Technology? How Does Blockchain Technology Work? The bulk PCB will be arriving tonight, and we will start first batch antminer tomorrow.

First batch usually takes a bitcoin шахтер antminer s9 купить time than later. We may ship the S3 -B1 on or before 14th. And the calculation on hash rate of the mining pool is based on what you transmit to the pool after the hashing.

antminer s3 power

It is normal that the hash rate of mining pool fluctuate and sometimes it may drop down sharply. Please first open the cover of the machine and check all cable connections and also your network conditions and maintain a stable internet connection. You can try the following simple troubleshoot tests to determine which is the issue with the miner.

And we will approve RMA for the faulty components.

Antminer S3 PSU included | Antminer Distribution EU - Worldwide delivery

antminer The slow hash rate of the miner may be due to uneven thermal paste on the chips. Please refer to the following steps to re-apply the thermal paste. Remove four screws securing the heat sink. Hash board without heat sink attached. Applying thermal paste Use silicone-based thermal paste by applying a thin layer to the top of the chIP. Beware of applying too much thermal paste. Thin thermal paste is ideal while thick thermal paste decrease the heat transferring. Some electric conductive silver-bearing grease silicone thermal paste may cause damage to the circuit, power extreme caution is needed when you are applying it.

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antminer s3 power

Make sure that the conductive grease shall never be on the surrounding circuit. You can also apply the grease to the big heat sinks if you want to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the miner. Swap the control board from one of your other miners to check if control board is the issue with the miner. Open the cover of the machine and you will find the controller board in the middle. And then disconnect the cables from the board and replace it with the one from the other working miners. Test each hashing boards of the miner separately.

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Disconnect the cable connected to Chain 1 to test Chain 2 hash board. Disconnect cables connected to Chain 1 power Chain 2, antminer over the control board, and then connect the Chain 1 to Connector 2 of the control antminer, to test Chain 1 hash board. Since both the flexible flat cables and connectors on the hashing boards and controller power there own polarity, you should plug in the cable in the correct direction. Otherwise, you can never start up your miner.

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