Antminer s7 mining

This is what it looked like when I connected them.

antminer s7 mining

I connected the PCI-E power cables to the Centrix power boards, plugged them into the power supplies, and plugged the powers supplies into AC power. I connected 6 PCI-E cables to one power supply and 4 to the other, because the Antminer S7 is very specific about power variations. Next I put them on an old piece antminer plywood, connected up the Antminer S7, plugged one power supply into a wall outlet, mining the other power supply into a wall outlet fed by a different circuit breaker. I did not want to plug both into one, pull 10 amps on one circuit, and pop the breaker. Or worse yet, have it overheat something and pop later while I was not there.

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I connected the Ethernet port on the S7 directly to the network switch, and powered the system on. It waited for a minute while the controller board booted, then cranked the system fans to max power. Wow it was loud! So you should be careful with making investments in new mining hardware even though at the moment things look quite nice if you do the math.

Bitcoin mining at home with the Antminer S7 – Block Operations

Do note forget that in a couple of months, roughly antminer summer, another halving of mining Bitcoin reward is expected and even though it will most likely be coming with another significant increase in the price of BTC you should still have it in mind. The mining situation on the Chinese financial markets are also significantly influencing the price of Bitcoin with many people saying that the trouble in China are also responsible for many people turning to BTC and thus further increasing the price of the crypto currency.

Still this does not mean that there could be some negative surprises as well, so you should be carefully and not rush into buying Bitcoin or getting back into mining it without thinking things through first. The new BitMain Antminer S7 miner has a more dense configuration than previous Antminer machines, using chips in the same space that the S5 antminer only 60 in. Please support sidehack with his new miner project Send to: Thank you everybody for your helpful comments.

Tupsu on November 14, Halving or not, Bitmain is charging an arm and a leg for a gimp horse at this moment. I would not consider the electricity cheap if it is 0. Another part is that you should think that the halving period is coming. Less antminer and maybe less difficulty but mining at home requires lots of attention and other thing so i would not recommend. RaginglikeaBoss on November 15, Finksy on November 15, Obviously, the hotter it is the environment, the more energy the fan s will use mining cool the unit. Twice as efficient as the S5 at converting all this energy into bitcoins, the S7 needs a modest 0.

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As the S9 and other superior mining hardware becomes the new standard, these prices can be expected to fall further. Requiring only your mining pool credentials to begin mining, setting them up via the MinerLink GUI is a simple process. I just went to the Bitmain website and ordered it. I antminer the power part would be easy. If you want to use mining than one Bitcoin antminer, you need to put them in a datacenter, or some other industrial location that can provide the right amount of power mining cooling.

Our power company here in the Atlanta area has different rates for the seasons.

Is it profitable to buy an Antminer S7 for home mining right now?

I thought I would be able to run the miner in the basement, but the noise from the fans has forced it to be placed in the garage. The most antminer recommended way to power these boxes off VAC is mining old server power supplies. Unfortunately they were out of stock. So I had this bitcoin miner sitting unused for almost a month!

antminer s7 mining

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